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Committed to Improving Student Success – Together

The Sacramento Region is the hub of state policy, leading universities, and diverse industries, all with dedicated leaders all striving to make the region better place to live and work. Many times, when facing regional challenges, we can only bring about change when diverse leaders come together with one common goal. This is where Align Capital Region (ACR) comes in. ACR is dedicated to resolving our Region’s most complex issues that block student success, bringing together the people who can create the solution.

Engagement is the Key – ILN is the Answer

What’s the best way to solve a problem? Give a seat at the table to those most impacted to shape an answer that works in the real-world.

This is exactly how the Innovation Learning Network (ILN) model works.

The ILN model was born in the healthcare industry, one sector that is well-versed at using research, engaging multiple stakeholders, and developing prototypes based on data, expert judgement and constituent engagement in order to make breakthroughs.

The ILN model is a scientifically based, practice-tested process that we apply to complex, systematic problems our community faces. We research the issue and we bring together experts (and not just the usual suspects, either) to brainstorm and collaborate on the problem. We then ask the community to tell us what THEY think the solution ought to be. This prototype solution is then tested in an open, transparent environment to see how it performs in the real-world. We then encourage investment and support to scale up successful prototypes that make a difference in students’ lives.

What We Do

We identify barriers, engage educational and community leaders, and design solutions that help thousands of students achieve their goals.


ProjectAttain! is committed to helping the Sacramento Region’s adult learners aged 25-64 complete their educational goals, whether it be a high school diploma, a certificate, or a college degree.

Summit on Educational Attainment for Working Age Adults!

Sacramento State, in partnership with Align Capital Region, is hosting the inaugural Summit on Educational Attainment for Working Age Adults. By 2020, two thirds of all jobs in the U.S. will require postsecondary education…

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