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‘Lign Up August Edition



This month, we would like to highlight Jordan Morehead, our communications intern who joined us this summer and quickly made a great  impact on our operations.  Jordan is a graduate of Jesuit High School and is currently a sophomore at Gonzaga University, where he is pursuing his interests in business, public policy, economics and political science.

At ACR, we understand how to align skillsets towards an outcome.  This summer, Jordan quickly learned about ACR and then spearheaded the content preparation, editing and entire production of our monthly ‘Lign Up Newsletter.  Jordan has also been instrumental with creating social media content, managing email marketing tools and overall, simply delivering value to our staff.

This fall Jordan will be returning to Gonzaga University for his sophomore year where he will be studying business and concentrating on public policy and economics while also minoring in political science. Currently, Jordan is mulling over law school or achieving an MBA after finishing his time at Gonzaga, but wants to focus on leaving a lasting impact on his community in whatever endeavor he chooses to pursue. What a pleasure having you Jordan.  We will miss you!





The transformation of people’s lives through access to gainful employment and workforce development initiatives is powerful for both the individual and employer.  It requires strong leadership to make this happen. To that end, ACR’s hospitality team has embarked on a promising relationship with the Salvation Army’s Culinary Arts Program. ACR is excited to work with one of Salvation Army’s leaders, and a community influencer Major Martin Ross.  Major Ross is a visionary who is passionate about enriching peoples’ lives through community-based outreach and industry collaboration.

Born in Germany, where his parents were stationed with the United States Air Force, and raised in the Sacramento area, Martin has a passion for social justice, multicultural ministry, capacity building for community transformation, and workforce development. His travels to Europe and Africa (South Africa & Zambia) and through serving in under served communities, in both city and semi-rural communities, have shaped and confirmed his belief that community based outreach is key to transforming lives and neighborhoods. He is also a very good steel drum player and percussionist and we look forward to seeing his talent at a future Align Capital Region event.


To learn more about transforming lives, see this video about three individuals who participated in Salvation Army’s workforce development programs.



Our 2018 Mid-Year report was released last month and was a great success. This report outlines the impact of ACR in Sacramento and how we have grown in the Sacramento region through the efforts of all the A-Teams. The Stages of Work Based Learning Continuum is one of the highlights of this years Mid-Year Report. Extending from the beginning of the year, analysis of ACR expands upon how students begin by learning about careers to eventually working. This 5 step process outlines how alignment teams are impacting lives.

Align Capital Region 2018 Mid-Year Report







Growth – Growing Network

Over the last few months the alignment teams have seen a massive increase in the amount of organizations interested in working alongside them. For example 102 employers provided career exploration opportunities for students.

Newest Organizations

  • SMUD
  • Greater Sacramento Economic Council
  • UC Davis
  • City of Sacramento
  • Salvation Army
  • Juma
  • CalTrans
  • Intel
  • Buckhorn Steakhouse Restaurant
  • CalPIA
  • Sacramento Employment Training Agency
  • Sierra Nevada Journeys
  • Brown and Caldwell Engineering
  • City of Roseville







Need – Room For Growth

Align Capital Region’s office building on Ethan Way is currently under construction. This less than ideal situation creates an opportunity for us to host Alignment Team meetings at alternative locations.  Let’s bring an A-Team to your place!  If you are interested in offering a location where we can host a meeting(s) please feel free to reach out to us.

Email Align Capital Region





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