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Work Ready Certification with Career Awareness

Help develop tomorrow’s workforce TODAY!

Business and community leaders, we need your expertise in providing an authentic interview experience for students in the Sacramento region.  Join us in preparing the region’s future workforce!


The Sacramento County Alignment Team is developing a Work-Ready Workshop and delivering a curriculum that teaches students fundamental skills needed as they enter into the workplace.  The workshop incorporates the use of a career interest assessment so that students are made aware of their individualized career options.  Upon completion of the workship, students earn a Work-Ready certificate. The Work-Ready Certification will be piloted at Valley High School in Elk Grove Unified School District, McClatchy High School in the Sac City Unified School District and district-wide in the Twin Rivers Unified School District. At least 75 students will have the opportunity to participate.  

The objective is to give students the opportunity to explore and learn about careers, select a few of interest to explore more deeply, and earn a Work-Ready Certification that will prepare them for an out-of-school Work-Based Learning Experience.  These experiences could include but are not limited to: job shadowing, mentorships, internships and work-site tours.

Targeted Outcomes

The primary outcomes supported by this Invitation to Participate™ (ITP™) will be to:

How Can You Help?

Services Needed From The Community

Students participate in an 18-hour course that focuses on the basic skills needed for employment at an entry level job.  The course formats include a 12-day format and a 3-day format. Key areas of focus for the workshops are career interest, resume writing, social media and ethics, customer service, dress, and interview skills.

In order for the students to earn a Work-Ready Certificate they must pass an interview facilitated by our business partners by demonstrating a mastery of basic work-ready skills necessary for employment.

We need your help to ensure the certification of the program and to confirm that participants are “work-ready”.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can get involved

  • Interview and certify program graduates this spring at a one-day event organized by participating high schools.
  • Supply (permanently or temporarily) in-kind donations.  We are specifically in need of the following items:
    • Time Clocks
    • Student portfolio supplies (i.e. binder, paper, etc.)
    • USB drives

Scheduling and Coordination

Here are some scheduling and coordination milestones that are critical in advancing the desired outcomes:

  • Invitation to Participate™ Release Date:   April 4, 2017
  • Respond online by: April 17, 2017
  • Team review date: April 28, 2017
  • Notification of participant organizations date: May 1, 2017


Are you in?


If you’re already registered with Align Capital Region, click here to respond. Answer some brief questions so we can match your capabilities with the needs outlined above.  Not registered yet?  Join Us so that you can begin accepting ITPs and receive ITPs in your email in the future!

If you are not the the right person to help us, please share this ITP with someone that can.

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