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inCite! is a collection of provocative narratives intended to promote thought and inspire action. The articles are submitted by various members from our region and reflect their views on community issues, concerns, and successes. It is a forum to challenge the status quo and encourage readers to think differently, act courageously, and work collaboratively.
  • Children’s Mental Health—An Issue Around Which We Can All Align

    Gayle Garbolino-Mojica, Placer County Superintendent of Schools

    According to the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, mental health disorders are the most common health issues faced by our nation’s school-aged children…

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  • Alignment of Resources Can Strengthen Opportunities, Restore Hope

    Dr. Addie Ellis, Lead Consultant, Koci Group, Director of Student Services, Natomas Charter School

    Working collaboratively, we can instill hope and promise to those have none or had it and lost it. As people living together in a community, we have a responsibility to nurture hope in our children…

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  • Community Well-being

    Our Hometown Team

    Scott Moak, Vice President of Community Impact & Executive Director, Sacramento Kings Foundation

    For over 30 years, Sacramento and the Kings have belonged to each other. That intense connection reaches beyond the fans…

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