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‘Lign Up July Edition

Action – Building Cred ProjectAttain!

Leadership – Students First

Impact – Chasing Waterfalls

Growth – Team of Teams

Need – Next Gen Teachers

Action – Building Cred…Project Attain


The “Education Attainment for Working Adults” initiative is now called Project Attain.   On May 23rd, 2018, this alignment team hosted a summit in conjunction with Sacramento State University.  Over 100 attendees came together to discuss the economic significance of educational attainment and the pervasiveness of “the stranded worker” – the 63,000 Sacramento residents who are within 15 units of a degree. Participants received insight about similar initiatives from presenters from Tennessee, Kansas City and Shasta and worked collaboratively during breakouts to shape the work going forward. The team is now expanding to work towards increasing the number of Sacramento’s working age adults with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60% by 2025.

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Leadership – Students First

An A-Team’s effectiveness can be greatly enhanced by passion, drive and domain knowledge of its co-chairs.  The Student Data Exchange A-Team benefits from each of these from its co-leader Elliot Lopez.  Elliot is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the Sac City Unified School District (SCUSD).  Elliot brings to the team significant experience and success in leading innovation and change, building and managing high performing teams, maximizing IT service value, and integrating enterprise software systems across the private, non-profit, K-12, higher education and finance sectors. The Student Data Exchange team is focused on aligning resources to strengthen the connections between secondary and tertiary educational institutions through a robust data sharing platform and program.  The near-term outcomes for the team include the definition of a data sharing program that assures AB705 compliance for Community Colleges, Executive Order 1110 compliance for CSUS and a mechanism via which K-12 school districts can capture longitudinal student performance data beyond high school.

Student Data Exchange Alignment Team


Impact – Chasing Waterfalls

The Sacramento Region Water Works Alignment Team was formed to bolster the pipeline that leads to careers in the water industry.  Having secured a Strong Workforce grant to execute this work, the team has worked diligently to bring more business partners along to drive this important work.  The team set an aggressive target of gaining commitments from 35+ water-industry employers to deliver some form of work-based experience to students.  So far more than twelve (12) have expressed their support for the efforts of the Sacramento Regional Water Works team.  Additionally, members of this team have been busy.  So far this year, they have presented information on water careers to more than 80 high school students at Rocklin High School.  They have hosted information tables at high school career fairs with total attendance of 1400 students.  The team has also presented on the linkage between education and water careers to 40 high school CTE teachers and 50 participants at a California Water Environment Association gathering.  This team is on its way to making significant impact in ensuring a sustainable workforce of highly skilled, inspired individuals for the water industry

Growth – The Team of Teams

Gordian knots describe problems that are solvable only through creative thought and bold action. As each alignment team has grown in members, experiences, and thought, participants have realized the value of avoiding siloed-thinking and working together.  With alignment teams pursuing initiatives throughout the 8-county region, the teams are also realizing the value of collaborating across regional boundaries. In May, several alignment teams came together to collaborate and share their work in a facilitated session called the Team of Teams.   Inspired by General Stanley McChrystal’s book, the session aimed to build extended relationships between teams, while encouraging members to tap into the complementary goals and talents of other participants in the alignment network. It was an engaging session during which teams whose focus was on career exploration began collaborating with other teams that were focused on attracting talent into various careers.  This is what alignment is all about—collectively untying the gordian knots in our eight-county region. Yes, we’re better together!


Need – Next Gen Teachers

Breakthrough Sacramento is a mentoring program that supports young students on a pathway to becoming teachers by helping them on their journey from the 6th grade until they receive their credential. The program this summer needs supplies to help students from under resourced schools from Sac City, San Juan, and Twin Rivers School Districts.

Specific needs include:
-Donations of summer snacks: granola bars, sun chips, otter pops and ice cream bars
-Art supplies and middle school books
-Used in good condition laptops, chrome books

Sponsors of:

-Summer T-shirts: $500
-Shark Dissection – $600, Robotics and Coding: $1,500,
-College Campus Tour Sponsor (Davis and Berkeley): $2,500

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