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Sacramento Region Water Works


The water industry is the third largest in the world behind oil and electricity industries. For over a century,
North America’s water industry, which includes potable water, wastewater, reuse, and storm water, has increased
its technical and managerial proficiency while improving public health and environmental protection. This team
will utilize a 3-prong approach:

  1. Develop a water and environmental technologies sector career pathway;
  2. Create an industry driven regional sustainability plan to provide a long-term labor supply;
  3. Build an awareness campaign communicating the importance of water as a public commodity
    emphasizing access and quality to encourage the next generations to seek careers within the water industry.

The team is completing an industry assessment identifying all employers from the 8-county region that support water resource management and employ water professionals. Employers interesting in providing input are invited to join.  Contact Coleen at for more information.


For more information click this link.


Alignment Teams and Chairs


Steven Garner

Certification Manager, American Water Works Association


Victoria Maryatt

Folsom Lake College



Pamela Murawski

Office of Water Programs


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