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Align Capital Region is the Capital Region's innovative operating system for aligning resources to achieve greater outcomes in education, workforce development, and community vitality.

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Imagine a place where communities are aligned in vision, purpose,
 and responsibility. What would happen if employers, educators, and community and elected leaders worked together to advance performance in education, career readiness, job creation, and economic and social health? A better tomorrow starts with you.

  • Career Readiness

    Partnering with the private sector in a real way to cooperatively produce a world class talent pool for our region.

  • Educational Attainment

    Increasing program, certificate, and degree completion and creating metrics to measure valuable skill acquisition.

  • College Readiness

    Defining college readiness, measuring it for pre-K-12th grade, including math and English skill development, social-emotional health, and remediation elimination tactics.

  • Community Vitality

    Aligning social services, non-profit, and other resources in an unprecedented fashion to serve those in need or who have been displaced.


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